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Lockdown Learning Provision

We all hope not to have any further lockdowns which mean children are unable to attend school in person. At Hilden Grange, we covered all lockdowns with our online learning provision and all our children (Nursery to Year 8) benefitted from a wide timetable of on-line live lessons enabling us to stimulate and develop our pupils.  Students were able to engage with their teachers and one another during the lessons. These lessons were also recorded to allow catch-up later if necessary, depending upon home circumstances and the demands on devices, etc. Pupils were also able to message our teachers for additional assistance. Our teachers provided feedback on work set and homework was set via our bespoke Homework App.

We have received extremely positive feedback from pupils and parents alike about the education offered and delivered during the lockdowns.  Our pupils have been able to return to school seamlessly between lockdowns and continue with their education. Their welfare and results are testament to our ability to continue to look after and educate our students both off and on-site.

We are of course ready in an instant to put in place our online learning provision to educate and look after our children should such a situation arise again.

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