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Music is taught to all pupils from the Nursery to Year 8. The Pre-Prep pupils have one lesson a week in which singing and rhythm is the main focus.

As the pupils progress through the years the emphasis also includes working on computers using the Music Ace Maestro, Groovy Music and Sibelius music programs. Through these programs the pupils learn about the elements of music and develop their ability to compose, as well as having fun with music. At the same time they further develop their singing and listening as well as their knowledge of the great composers and instruments of the orchestra. Pupils in Years 3 and 4 also all learn the recorder.

As well as class music there is a large choir which regularly competes in festivals at Hastings and Sevenoaks with great success. There is a String Orchestra, Wind Group, Recorders and a Big Band. There are 13 visiting instrumental teachers so pupils are able to learn all the main instruments. Each term there are concerts and music assemblies for pupils to be involved in as well as the play which is traditionally a musical.