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Dreams and Goals

PSHEE is the explicit, taught component of our pastoral care, dealing with issues pupils may face both now, and in later life. It is a crucial part of our responsibility to keep pupils safe, to manage behaviour and to provide personal and emotional support.

Year 4 have been focusing on ‘Dreams and Goals’ in their PSHEE sessions and they have been leading discussions very maturely and thoughtfully. By looking at video clips of different talent show auditions and contestants’ behaviour, they considered helpful and unhelpful reactions to rejection, negative feedback and situations where a goal is not quite achieved.

They also defined and discussed the term ‘self-belief’ and its importance in our learning attitudes. It was great to see the connection with Positivity and Perseverance from our school’s Language of Learning, too!

 “I feel self-belief every time I have a spelling test or a times table test”.

“I used to have very little self-belief when I found out I would be changing schools, but when my mum reassured me that everything would be alright and I would do well, that improved. This is because people who love us and know us very well can help with our self-belief”.

“I couldn’t swim very well when I was very little, but because of self-belief I am now doing very well in my swimming club and I want to be a professional someday!”

“One time during a match, I had little self-belief because I missed a penalty shot and I could hear the crowd booing. It helped to think of when my dad said, ‘You can do it! Just imagine them naked, and believe in yourself!’."

Year 4 PSHEE

Year 4 PSHEE lesson