Hilden Grange School

Desperate Journeys

The saying goes, “to understand another person, you must first walk a mile in their shoes.”  Pupils from Years 6 and 7 took this very much to heart as they took part in ‘Desperate Journeys’, a powerful immersive experience, designed by Empathy Action, which seeks to recreate the journey refugees endure, placing the participants in their shoes, facing the desperately difficult decisions they have to make.

The trip made a huge impact on the pupils and afterwards they wrote movingly about their experience.

I was so scared.  Throughout the whole thing, I felt so out of control about what was happening to me and felt that all of the decisions being made were bad ones.

I felt nervous and anxious to make the decision to stay or go.  There was no control over the choices and we had to make them quickly, knowing each decision would be bad.”

The experience really opened up my mind to the life some refugees have to go through.  I think that being in a refugee’s shoes is much more effective than just hearing about it as it really helps to see how hard it can be and your emotions get involved.”

The most shocking thing was how little people realise what refugees have to go through.”

Overall the experience was incredibly moving.”

The trip really put everything into perspective for me because it showed me that life doesn’t have a happy ending for so many people.  This made me feel very emotional and sad because it makes me realise how lucky I am.”

Desperate Journeys