Hilden Grange School

Guidelines for Drop-Off Facility

The guidelines below must be read and followed, very carefully by ALL parents (Nursery – Year 8, drivers and pedestrians) in the interests of awareness and safety.


  1. The ‘Drop-off’ system operates between 8.00am and 8.30am from Monday – Friday during term time unless otherwise notified.  There is no ‘pick-up’ facility.


  1. The staff vehicular access gate closes at 8.00am.  Staff arriving by car after that time are required to park ‘off-site’ for the duration of the ‘drop-off’ period.


  1. Signage detailing the site speed limit and warning of the presence of children is placed at the entrance.  Please note for the purposes of safety the site speed limit is 5 mph.


  1. Parents wishing to use the system should enter the ‘drop-off zone’ via the West Gate which is situated on the London Road / Hildenborough side of the school.


  1. The ‘drop-off’ point is adjacent to the medical/finance offices at the Eastern end of the main building, near the main school drive.  Passengers should immediately join the pedestrian route into the school, proceed to the Dining Hall / classroom and not linger in the ‘drop-off zone’.


  1. Children should not be dropped-off at any other point within the ‘drop-off area’.


  1. Vehicles should exit the site via the East gate (gate at the top of the school drive), being aware of pedestrians accessing the site.


  1. On leaving the site parents are advised to turn left to ensure the free flow of traffic.


  1. Under no circumstances are parents permitted to park or stop within the school site for longer than it takes to safely drop children off, unless directed by a member of staff for reasons of safety. 


  1. Segregation of pedestrian and vehicular traffic is maintained by metal posts.  These posts are placed along the whole frontage of the school, dividing the drive into two distinct lanes. Please take particular note of this point and drive carefully whilst on school property.


  1. Parents leaving the site via the East gate must remember that Dry Hill Park Road is not subject to any part of this scheme, and due care and consideration must be applied on the public road, which is covered by the provisions of the Road Traffic Act 1988 (as amended by the RTA 1991) at all times.


  1. Please be aware that should it become apparent that the ‘drop-off system’ is presenting an increased level of risk, or danger to any party, it will be halted with immediate effect.  This will include any major build-up of traffic towards the B245 from vehicles queuing to enter the school site.