Hilden Grange School

Visits, visitors and events

Taking learning beyond the classroom

 Hilden Grange’s vibrant co-curricular programme utilises carefully-selected visits and visitors to reinforce learning and have fun.   Trips to the Reform Synagogue and Sikh Gurdwara form an essential part of the RS curriculum, while in Geography Year 8 make an in-depth study of sustainability with a visit to the East Village at the Olympic Park at Bluewater, Year 4 explore an organic farm and Year 6 see a local flood defense scheme to enrich their rivers and coasts topic.  Year 4 enjoy learning about Roman customs during 'Roman Day', and Year 5 develop their knowledge of Tudor Times during a highly interactive 'Armada Day' at Penshurst Place.

Last year, Years 7 and 8 took a trip to Normandy to view the D-Day beaches and also visited the Bayeaux tapestry and enjoyed a tour around the abbey at Le Mont Saint-Michel.   Other recent activities have include trips to national theatre productions and exhibitions. In 2017 pupils from the Prep School enjoyed an incredible trip to Iceland, which was so successful that it was repeated again in 2019.

Annual events such as Science Week provide an exciting way to raise the profile of a key subject.  Creative Arts Week focuses on a single theme, to provide the inspiration for a wealth of activities.

Trip to the Sikh Gurdwara