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Scholarship Success

We’re delighted to announce another outstanding set of scholarship results; seven of our Year 8 boys have won Academic Scholarships to Tonbridge School.  This is a remarkable achievement by any standard but even more so when we consider that competition for these awards is fierce, attracting candidates from schools across the country, and that the awards won by Hilden Grange pupils accounts for one third of the total, the most by four of any other school.

We are so proud of our Hilden Grange pupils, not least as over the years they have enjoyed a consistent pattern of unequaled scholarship success.  It is true we have had particular success with Tonbridge School, with Hilden Grange pupils winning many Academic awards to include the top award, the Ainslie, twice in the past four years, but in fact pupils regularly win Academic, Music, Sport, and Drama awards to a diverse range of prestigious independent schools.

In addition to the Academic Scholarships to Tonbridge School, this year Hilden Grange pupils have also been awarded three Tonbridge School Music Scholarships, as well as Academic awards to Sevenoaks, Caterham, Walthamstow Hall, Kent College and Radnor House, Sports awards to Bede’s, Kent College and Walthamstow Hall and a Music award to Walthamstow Hall. This brings the total scholarships awarded this year to 20.

We are very proud of these results which are testament to the dedication and hard work of our teachers and pupils alike.

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Hilden Grange is 'Excellent'

We have been rated ‘Excellent’ in all categories by the ISI.

This is the highest grade possible and covers two areas: ‘The Quality of Pupils’ Academic and other Achievements’ and ‘The Quality of Pupil’s Personal Development.’

Read the full report here